Keen interest in «BIM Diskurs 2018» at IttenBrechbühl Bern

The BIM Diskurs 2018 took place on 8 March at IttenBrechbühl’s Bern office. About thirty representatives of the public sector, departmental planners, private builders, and general contractors followed the talks on BIM in general, and had an opportunity to benefit from IttenBrechbühl’s extensive experience with BIM in a Q&A round.

Christoph Arpagaus, Branch Manager at IttenBrechbühl Bern, compared BIM with the introduction of CAD. «Those who don’t get on board will be left behind,» he is convinced. Also, he stated, it is now of essential importance to take advantage of the added value of BIM in all phases – design, call for bids, implementation, and operation. IttenBrechbühl has used BIM enthusiastically from its very beginnings and is now one of Switzerland’s leading providers.  More information is available at > Digital.

Marc Pancera, Head of BIM at IttenBrechbühl, explained the possibilities and limitations of BIM. «First and foremost, we must develop standards of cooperation. We have already achieved a great deal, but a lot of work is still ahead before we will have established an unbroken information chain in our projects.» This must be the goal, he further stated, if we are to use BIM information sustainably and profitably – beyond individual projects all the way to Smart City projects.

After the stimulating Q&A round, participants took advantage of the opportunity to explore virtual reality possibilities and exchange ideas.