IttenBrechbühl FOKUS Event «Digital Designing and Planning»

IttenBrechbühl invited the designers and planners of IttenBrechbühl to the FOKUS event «Digital Designing and Planning» on May 10. The speakers shared their knowledge and their experiences with their colleagues on topics such as parametric design, trends in timber construction, building with exposed concrete and BIM. With the regularly scheduled «Fokus» training event, IttenBrechbühl wants to expand and deepen the knowledge base of selected employees topic-based and interdisciplinarily.

With a look into the future and the role of the architect, Nicole Brandes expanded the focus even further with her presentation on «We-Intelligence». Nicole Brandes is an international management coach, writer and predictive thinker of the future. In conclusion, she urged all present to design architecture for people in view of the technological revolution.