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The Hospital of the Future

The Hospital in the Year 2050

It is difficult to predict what hospitals will look like in 2050. But hospital buildings should certainly have one key characteristic: they must be usable for different purposes, so they must be convincingly flexible. One of the major challenges in hospital planning will therefore be to examine the possibilities for change with 'built-in' flexibility – and to turn those possibilities into reality.

As in a theatre, the shell of the building will remain in place wherever possible, but – just as the stage set in a theatre is rebuilt between performances – the 'stage' in a hospital will be rebuilt with every change of use.

To provide its services efficiently, a hospital depends on being able to adapt its buildings and installations as well as possible to the requirements that arise from the processes performed. In 2050 too, hospital buildings should ultimately be able to provide the best possible support for the hospital's business operations, and should make it possible for services to be provided efficiently.

Together with pwc and elsener partner ag IttenBrechbühl has published a discussion paper about the Hospital of the Future (in German). Please read the core messages in the PDF below.