Field Report – Award-Winning BIM Project by IttenBrechbühl

On the 2nd day of the Vectorworks User Day in Zurich on 29 November 2016, IttenBrechbühl presented a detailed field report on the SwissFEL project of the Paul Scherrer Institute. The BIM Director Marc Pancera showed how IttenBrechbühl has long dealt with 3D plans and knows how the construction industry has to develop further with BIM in the current conversion of the industry to digitalization.

Innovative dealing with the task at hand and computer-aided processes were presented based on practical examples from planning of SwissFEL. The experiences of that time and the conclusion for today provided genuine added value for the listeners. As a result, the audience obtained an insight into the current implementation of BIM and tangible evidence of the BIM expertise of IttenBrechbühl.