DOUBLÉS MIEN GRÄLLELE - Edith Habraken by IttenBrechbühl, Basel

Edith Habraken was born in Haarlem in 1965 and began to play the drums at the age of eight. After studying classical drums at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, she moved to Basel because of the way the drums are played here. She learned to drum the Basel way and has been taking part in the Basel Carnival for over 25 years. Edith Habraken is known locally as an exceptionally gifted drummer and we were pleased to meet her personally in our office and lend our support to her book/DVD project.

With “Doublés mien grällele” Edith Habraken wrote the first book about the secrets of Basel’s art of drumming. Anybody looking for a practical introduction into the world of drumming will find it in one of the book’s chapters and on the enclosed DVD. In addition to drumming lessons, it also features videos of “Gässle” (wandering through the alleys to the beat of the drums) and the parade during the carnival. Of course, various recordings of Edith Habraken’s master drum performances are also presented – including some clips taken in our office at the Basel location.

For more information, watch the following short film