Nouvel hôpital du Simmental-Saanenland

IttenBrechbühl was awarded the 2nd prize in the open project competition «New Construction Hospital Simmental – Saanenland»

Eighteen offices in Switzerland and abroad took part in the competition. In October 2015 the jury decided unanimously to award the second prize to the project «Nimm 2» of IttenBrechbühl.

With this competition, STS AG, Alterswohnen STS AG, and the operators of the private physicians’ practices are intending to establish suitable conditions for integrated care «under one roof». Therefore, according to the concept of integrated care, the spatial requirements of the acute care sector, the replacement of senior apartments and the rooms of the private physicians’ practices will be functionally optimized and provided in one building.

Visualisation: Nightnurse Images GmbH, Zurich