Stadttheater Bern

Refurbishment of Berne's Stadttheater is «on track»

The theatre building on Kornhausplatz which was completed in 1903 is being refurbished - thirty years after the last renovation. The objectives of the refurbishment are to ensure operating safety, meet health and safety at work requirements, carry out the necessary maintenance work and enhance the theatre’s attractiveness for audiences. IttenBrechbühl is responsible for coordinating the entire project which is divided into three areas: stage house & theatre engineering («yellow» section), backstage areas («red» section) and audience areas («blue» section). The «red» section of the project won by IttenBrechbühl comprises the refurbishment of the backstage area constructed in the 1960s, optimisation of the space used for rehearsals and dressing-rooms and renovation of the sanitary facilities and electrical systems including the lifts. Renovation of the façade and roof also fall within the scope of this section of the project.

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