Year 2020

Revitalisation of an office building in Dübendorf, Canton of Zurich

The owner of the property at Zürichstrasse 137 and 139 is planning to revitalise this building, which is currently standing vacant. Thanks to its very good position in Dübendorf, directly adjacent to Stettbach rail station, this site harbours vast potential for revitalizing the property. The client has specified public retail and catering space on the ground floor with multi-tenant office space on the upper storeys. A scenario involving a major distributor is to be examined for the basement. Other fundamental issues include upgrading the façade to improve energy efficiency, and transforming the property's external appearance in line with contemporary and/or future standards. To make the building more attractive to users and passers-by, the public space will be extended as far as the street-facing façades on the building's perimeter. This will invite and encourage passers-by to look or step into the building, or linger awhile on the terrace installed on its southern side. A simple canopy will also enable everyone to identify the main entrance. The building will essentially benefit from a dual reorientation: its exterior will emanate an entirely new aura, while the flexible-use floor areas in the interior will focus on a new central hub in the inner courtyard – the open-air spiral walkway.

Client Zurich Invest
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG und Ramseier & Associates Ltd.
Floor area 19'730 m2
Construction volume 38'500 m3
Competition position/Rang Studienauftrag/ kein Rang
Project category Sanierung/Umbau
Visualisations virtualdesignunit
Model Itten+Brechbühl AG