Year 2018

Project Competition – New Building for the ITU Headquarters in Geneva

The neighbourhood of International Organisations in Geneva is characterised by its history, the quality of its green spaces and by its particular function. It is the emblematic location that stands out namely due to its strong concentration of representative buildings with strong forms of identity.

The International Telecommunications Union headquarters borders, on one side, an urban park which is the end of the United Nations square and, on the other side, rue Varembé which is characterised by many concrete buildings.

The concept of the project is contingent on the willingness to connect these two spaces. It is a filtre between concrete and vegetation. The size of the new building will act as a strong link between rue de varembé and the urban park. We are hoping for the new construction to be in harmony with that which surrounds the building.

Taking the topography of the site into consideration, the new building is organised in accordance with the mandate of the organisation with different departments on each level. The main entrance, the reception, the restaurant, the thematic space as well as the meeting rooms, levels 1 and 2, are on the ground level, between the urban park and the rue de varembé. The work spaces, on level 3, are located on the free floors of the upper levels.

Contact person Robin Kirschke
Client International Telecommunication Union
Architect Itten+Brechbühl SA
Floor area 25 000 m2
Volume 92 000 m3
Workplaces 723
Visualizations Artefactory, Paris France