3rd Prize
3rd Position
Year 2017

Project Competition Bernaville Foundation, Schwarzenburg BE


Inspired by the name of the "Bernaville" foundation, IttenBrechbühl pursued the vision of a small village. It was to provide the framework for a community whose inhabitants meet in the village square, stroll through the streets, and have a pleasant chat with their neighbours. Thanks to the architecture by IttenBrechbühl, residents experience everyday village life on a small scale and become part of a big family.

The draft is comprised of several similar structures, which unfold their wings like butterflies on the existing base. While the groups of residents are housed in the wings, community life happens in the centrally located joints.

Client Bernaville Foundation
Floor space 11 300 m2
Wood structure Hector Egger Holzbau AG
Visualisations Dragon Image