Year 2016

Oberwallis SZO Hospital Centre

17 firms from home and abroad took part in the open competition to refurbish, convert and extend the existing hospital.

IttenBrechbühl's «EssZett» entry made it into the top 10 projects but in the end missed out on a top spot.

The buildings on the site display a wide variety of forms with striking offsets which in some cases define new spaces. The plinth of the existing hospital building shows these same characteristics, deliberately creating space and orientation with its design. The principle behind the project is to maintain the logic of the existing plinth shape and the special features of the surrounding structure.

The position of the two new structures defines 2 open spaces and frames the hospital garden. The North plaza points towards Spitalstrasse where a significant portion of the future urban development of Brigs is planned, thereby creating potential synergies. The East plaza remains the approach to the main entrance, but it is now bordered by buildings on its southern side. Together with the hospital park on the other side of the Saltina, an overarching space is created which links the hospital and the administrative buildings to the North.

Awarding authority

Wallis Hospital, Brig

Floor area of new building 25 000 m2
Floor area of conversion 18 000 m2
Construction volume of new building 101 000 m3
Construction volume of conversion 64 000 m3
Visualization drawyourdreams