2nd Position
Year 2017

New construction IT data centre with workplaces for the city of Thun

Selective process (PQ); 5 participants for the 2nd phase

The project perimeter is located in a heterogeneous industrial context at Industriestrasse in Thun. Though the site is densely developed and thus houses a large number of workplaces, it offers no significant exterior spaces and lacks exterior qualities.

With the concept «Solitär», IttenBrechbühl proposes an isolated and independent space, which opens up a place to linger with an industrial feel between itself and the adjoining administrative complex of the city of Thun. The new building is highly compact and will be encased by a modular façade. The inner structure is vertically divided into two sections. The data centre with associated technology rooms is located on the ground floor, the upper floors contain offices for IT, training rooms, and meeting facilities.

Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Specialist Planning RZ RZintegral AG, Bern (Siplan AG)
Building engineering Bächtold & Moor AG, Bern
Building technology HVAC and technology Electrical RZintegral AG, Bern (Dr. Eicher + Pauli AG)
Floor area 1500 m2