Year 2015

LAK Care Facility «Haus St. Peter und Paul», Mauren FL, new construction

Safe haven: a castle surrounded by mountains

The design of the care facility addresses the relationship of the building’s size to its surrounding structure. In order to insert this complex into the environment at a reasonable scale, six four-story gabled houses were bundled into one building. This creates two «town centers» in the interior of the new care facility: In the lobby area, a covered daylight court makes for a new and lively village square with access to the Cafeteria; the hair salon, reception, and the physical therapy center are also located right in this «town center».  The residents’ areas are also accessed via this central section. All resident’s groups have a visual relationship with this courtyard. In addition, every resident’s area has a kind of «veranda» that juts into the courtyard, so residents can watch the comings and goings in the «village square».

The second «town center» is formed by the three southern house segments to form a planted outdoor area. The court allows light into the center of the building from all sides, and benches invite residents from all areas to sit and linger. Residents can experience all four seasons in this tranquil setting. In addition, every floor offers residents views to all four points of the compass, also generously flooding the interior of the care facility with light.

Contact person Alain Krattinger
Client Liechtensteinische Alters- und Krankenhilfe
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Floor area 7588 m2
Construction volume 25 742 m3