Year 2019

Indoor swimming pool Blumenwies St. Gallen

Blumenwies is an institution in St. Gallen. Whoever you ask, everybody in St. Gallen has his or her own story or an experience that he or she associates with the place.

The aim is to preserve the identity of the Blumenwies indoor pool, strengthen its character and lead it into the future, but above all to generate a recognition effect for those who call St. Gallen home.

To this end, the existing indoor swimming pool will be completely preserved and only gently renovated. The changing room section with all its nooks and crannies will be demolished to make room for the large swimming pool. The new changing room area will be built on the south side and give Blumenwies a new face. The demolition of the existing entrance will allow the opportunity to restore the surrounding terrain to its originally higher level and to better integrate the complex into the landscape.

Due to the compact arrangement of Blumenwies in the north of the plot, the indoor pool will move back from the street and will be accessed through the park.

Client Stadt St. Gallen
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Floor area 9220 m2
Construction volume 51 715 m3
Visualisations Zünd, Zurich
Model making Beatrice Brocker, St. Gallen