Year 2016

Indoor Pool GESA, Altstätten SG, New replacement building

New swimming and bathing paradise

The new swimming and bathing paradise GESA Hallenbad is located amid an idyllic landscape. While the top of the new building houses a generous sports complex (miniature golf, tennis, soccer), an existing outdoor pool area with dressing rooms opens toward the South and West. The new building nestles into the existing slope to the North and is partially below ground. The new entrance area with integrated ticket booth will be used for the entire complex. Its generous awning creates a new meeting place and social area. Thanks to the transparency of the façade toward the sports complex and the outdoor pool, the new indoor pool unites the different usage areas into one ensemble.

Contact person Alain Krattinger
Client Stadt Altstätten SG
Full-service general contractor (GC) Priora AG
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Overall Performance Study 2015-2016
Floor area 4610 m2
Construction volume 25 050 m3