1st Prize
Year 2019

Hoferbad, Appenzell AI

The area south of the railway station in Appenzell is characterised by a dense, small-scale development, supplemented by some dominant building volumes. Two large-sized buildings will be constructed in this contradictory field, each of which is divided into four gables that are staggered with respect to each other in order to fit into the neighbouring building structure, to represent the use of the buildings and to incorporate the typical Appenzell construction style of closely spaced, colourful, gabled houses.

The buildings are combined with a base, which accommodates the underground car park and naturally separates the outside public and private areas. The stairways of both buildings will be efficiently organised, each accessed by one unit per gable. The northern structure completely faces south, while the southern structure faces both west and east due to the interference caused by the adjacent commercial building.

Client Relesta AG
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Floor area 10 051 m2
Construction volume 33 095 m3
Apartments 39
Visualizations nightnurse images, Zürich
Model Beatrice Brocker, St. Gallen