Year 2019

Geserhus Rebstein SG

Situated above the vineyards and the former factory site of Jakob Rohner AG, Villa Tanner captivates with its stately presence. The Geserhus reconstruction as well as the two planned residential buildings underscore the exposed location by placing the villa in the middle and forming an ensemble that emphasizes and supports its nobility  as the retirement and nursing home withdraws from the front row and the residential buildings show a moderate increase in height.

The new retirement and nursing home responds to the hillside location and the existing terraces by spreading the public functions across two floors, connected by a central hall, which forms the heart of the complex. It serves as a spatial and visual link between the entrance area on the ground floor and the restaurant area in the basement coupled with an unobstructed view of the Rhine Valley. The junction between the two wings of the building forms the centre and the place of arrival on the upper floors, which in this particular place offer both a view of the Rhine Valley, the ability to watch the comings and goings in the courtyard and at the same time create a protected environment with the comfortable old beech tree and the warm shade of Villa Tanner’s exterior wall.


Client Zweckverband Altersheim Geserhus
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Floor area 10 051 m2
Construction volume 33 095 m3
Nursing places 60
Apartments 20
Visualisations nightnurse images, Zurich
Model making Beatrice Brocker, St. Gallen