2nd Position
Year 2006

Geneva University Hospital HUG

Starting point

Geneva University Hospital advertised a two-stage, international architectural competition for a new building in order to meet the immediate need for expansion and ensure its future competitiveness.

The programme comprised:

  • a new bed block with 420 beds
  • expansion of the existing operating area to include five new theatres
  • extension of intensive care
  • creation of a new entrance area for the hospital
  • redesigning exterior space

The objective

Our objective was to develop a modern, efficient and fully functional hospital typology which at the same time strikes a new architectural note. Long corridors and dark core areas were to be avoided.

The solution

Our proposal is based on two «care corners» per floor, arranged as mirror images around the central axis. The angular arrangement of the units with the central nursing station allows for optimum monitoring and ensures short distances for staff. The two «care corners» are connected via a centrally located, open access zone with the two adjoining atriums.

Using this typology, all the rooms are naturally lit which makes a lasting improvement to the flexibility of allocations and the quality of stay. The open service zones and walkways offer a spatially interesting interior which indicates a path away from the «typical hospital atmosphere» towards a «healing environment».

Client Etat de Genève, DCTI
Architects/General planners Itten+Brechbühl AG / Tekhne Management SA
Floor area 40 683 m2
Construction volume 144 344 m3
Parking spaces 124