Year 2015

Construction of new Advanced Vocational School for Health (HFGZ), Lucerne

Spitalstrasse marks the beginning of the slope and divides the residential quarter in the South, with its mostly isolated development structure consisting of single houses and apartment blocks with largely uniform, hard surfaces, from the site of the Canton hospital in the North. It has grown over the space of decades and is therefore made up of various buildings dating back to different times. The heterogeneous nature of this development is underlined by the various materials used.

The new building for HFGZ expands the site and fits in comfortably as an independent entity in the building ensemble with its own clear identity and contemporary appearance. It is precisely positioned, splitting its distance appropriately between the neighbouring buildings, and it takes its bearings from the existing building lines facing Spitalstrasse. The main entrance on Spitalstrasse is prominently emphasised with its cantilever design. The ground floor setback to the West subtly draws attention to the important walkway leading to the hospital site's main traffic axis which links the plaza in front of the building to the communal area to the rear. Delivery vehicles and bicycles access the new building from Urnerhofweg to the East.

Awarding authority Stiftung Berufsbildung Gesundheit Zentralschweiz BGZ

(Foundation for Vocational Training in the Health Sector for Central Switzerland)

Floor area of new building 8600 m2
Construction volume of new building 29 000 m3
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