Year 2017

Competitive tenders for home for the elderly in Büren an der Aare BE

12 architectural offices were ultimately selected to enter competitive project bids with a prequalification stage for the extension of the existing home for the elderly in Büren an der Aare.

The existing main building of the home for the elderly and care home was built in an L-shape to the South-facing slope and is divided into a two-storey West wing and a three-storey South wing. To simplify the operation and provide an economically viable expansion of the home, an extension had to be designed that creates short distances both for staff and residents. The extension was also to blend in with its surroundings to the best possible effect with outdoor areas appropriately landscaped.

By siting the new building between the existing home and the three Casa Burgacker buildings (apartments for the elderly), the currently ill-defined outdoor space is divided into five clear sections. The new grounds of the centre for the elderly are characterised by a barrier-free walkway leading around the home and connecting it with the apartments.

The new compact extension creates excellent conditions for living and working in the building, both functionally and architecturally. The centrepiece of the project is the atrium with a free-standing staircase which is naturally lit by a skylight. This creates circular walkways within the residential units around the staircase and the nurse's office, affording tantalising perspectives. Short distances for the care staff and a good overview of the entire residential area can be achieved with the proposed floor plan design. The service cores are extended to form attractive communal areas.

Client Home for elderly in Büren an der Aare BE
Existing floor areas 4'700 m2
Floor area of extension 3'400 m2
Visualisations Pixelschmiede, Ittigen BE