Year 2018

Competition for Full Construction Services: Multi-purpose / Double Sports Hall and Expansion of the School in Bonaduz

The layout of the school in Bonaduz is shaped by the central schoolyard which is surrounded by all the school buildings. In respect of materials and height, the school buildings are compatible with the centre of Bonaduz village, leading to a coherent whole. At the same time, each of the school buildings has its own identity. The new construction of schoolhouse and multi-purpose hall maintains a comfortable balance between separate identity and conformity with the group of existing buildings. With regard to construction volume and height it is an addition to the Ruver building and cohesively integrates into the surrounding architectural design. It respects the key function of the schoolyard as the existing entrance of the Ruver building represents the main access to the school. On the other hand, the access from the west for the public use of the multi-purpose hall is striking, distinctive and inviting.

Client Political Municipality of Bonaduz
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Full-service Provider Ralbau AG, Chur
Floor area 3570 m2
Construction volume 21 000 m3
Visualisations nightnurse images, Zurich
Model Beatrice Brocker, St. Gallen