Year 2018

Competition Development Samedan airport GR

The airport perpetuates the horizontal order of the valley and transforms it:  Horizontal, white layers open up to specific utilizations. This flexible system with coordinated material choices gives the airport an identity that makes it highly recognizable in all phases, and allows for diversity and variety thanks to different heights, a different degree of aperture, and differently fashioned elements.

Operational requirements and a high degree of efficiency demand a streamlined concept which bundles all operationally necessary functions at its core, but is at the same time expandable in both directions. This gives rise to two building sections that are offset against one another. With the spaces resulting on both sides, the structures spatially define the arrivals landside on the one hand and the arrivals airside on the other.

Contact person Marion Spirig
Client Infrastrukturunternehmung Regionalflughafen Samedan (INFRA RFS)
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Planning 2018
Floor space 37 600 m2
Construction volume 228 000 m3
Visualisation ZUEND, Zürich