Year 2015

Center for Care and Support Luegeten, Menzingen ZG, Renovation and usage adaptation

An equitable symbiosis of Old and New

The new building is functionally connected and interwoven with the existing structure. In the ensemble, it shows restraint in its height and the slightly buckled facades, which allow the main building to maintain its dominating presence. The different temporal sections will be clearly recognizable. The staggered position lets both building structures as a group define the «new Luegeten».

The gradation of the buildings creates clearly discernible spatial situations with structured outdoor areas. The project addresses building on a terraced slope and the blending of existing structures with the new.

The pathways between the various terrace levels have a slope of no more than 3%, so they can be accessed by all residents both on foot and by wheeled conveyance. Comfortable seating and the newly created garden pond invite residents and visitors to linger.

Various activities are intended to promote social interaction among the residents and allow them to partake of a leisure program suited to their individual abilities and interests without outside help. Incentives for social exchange and exercise are integrated into everyday life. Apart from maximum freedom of movement, the complex will also provide areas for retreat and solitude indoors as well as out. Residents can freely choose the degree of autonomy and intimacy that best suits their preference. Independence and preservation of the residents’ identities are supported, contributing to a stable, psycho-social environment geared toward conflict prevention.

Contact person Alain Krattinger
Client Luegeten AG
Architect/General planner Itten+Brechbühl AG
Floor area 4598 m2
Construction volume 14 620 m3