4th Prize
4th Position
Year 2017

Broye orientation cycle, Cugy (VD)

To cope with the demographic evolution and the needs of secondary education, the association of the orientation cycle of the communes of the district of Broye and the municipality of Villarepos decided to develop the new cycle of orientation for the commune from Cugy. The Client is hoping for an optimal solution through a moderate and controlled investment. The project must also be carried out in accordance with all the provisions and directives in terms of school and extracurricular buildings to accommodate 550 students in the long term.

The project will be located alongside the Vesin Road and has 4 floors. The double sized gym is proposed to be built higher up on the slope closer to the residential district east of the Vesin road, which creates a tension between the two buildings while providing a space for the access court that slopes down to the garden. This fan-shaped construction is simple and effective, creating a gateway to the school site from the village. This layout also places the courtyard in a beautiful location, facing south, enhancing the opening onto the surrounding countryside.

The canton of Fribourg's energy law gives municipalities the task of using energy rationally and promoting the use of renewable energies. The project must demonstrate that it corresponds at least with the «Minergie P or Minergie A» standard. The choice of façades was aimed at providing comfort that favours natural light without the risk of overheating, with cooling through natural ventilation. When it comes to lighting, the aim is to minimize and control the costs of artificial lighting valuing natural lighting.

Contact person Robin Kirschke
Client Association des Communes de la Broye
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Floor area 3170 m2
Construction volume 14 719 m3
Students 400
Visualizations Yos, Zurich