3rd Prize
4th Position
Year 2015

Administrative centre ECA-La Grangette, Lausanne VD


Situated in the highlands of Lausanne, on a narrow platform, the clearing of the Grangette site offers visual openings overlooking the surrounding area as well as a lusciously green site.  For these reasons, the main aim of the project is to preserve the site’s landscape qualities by interspersing the building in order to minimise the ground impact.

Volumetric trilogy

In keeping with the programme, the volumetric trilogy represents a hierarchical organisation of secure public functions.  These three polarities are each positioned in specific parts of the site, with each area having its own intrinsic qualities according to the ground’s movements.

Spatial elasticity

Following this strategy, the project proposes an alternating concept of full and empty throughout the site.  In the style of a lively campus, the ordering of the outdoor spaces is based on the location and geometry of existing and planned volumes.  Accordingly, the path through the site is a variation of compressions and distensions of spaces, thereby creating a spatial elasticity.

Welcoming gesture

To optimise the functional relationship between the two new volumes, they are connected by means of a glazed hub.  The development therefore comprises a base which is anchored into the ground, from which two heads of buildings emerge, all of which is built against the backdrop of the forest.  A projection between the two volumes, as a welcoming gesture, creates a cavity to signal the main entrance, but also to bestow the site with a new identity location situated upstream.

Access & Circulation

The main access routes for all the buildings are situated in the spaces in between.  The three volumes are connected at ground floor level.  While circulation through the existing building is by means of a single hub, flows through the new volumes take place in a circular manner, according to the concentric typology.  Staircases create this path in the form of a loop and connect all the floors.