1st Prize
3rd Position
Year 2017

Project competition “Zentrum rund ums Alter”, Naters VS

The two independent houses Sancta Maria and St. Michael are complemented by the addition of a centrally placed structure. All three buildings will be internally connected by means of a two-storey base element, which also constitutes the address.

The new five-story structure extends along the country road and thus defines the street space and three new squares. It complements the urban ensemble of the two existing buildings.

By placing the compact new structure along the country road, a generous reserve of outdoor space remains intact on the site. It creates a series of three greened outdoor areas that fluidly merge with one another. When crossing the campus, the grounds open up and close in again in exciting ways. 

The centre of the new building composition is a park that invites residents and visitors to linger and relax, while at the same time the various access routes cross there. This way, the park fosters encounters among the various user groups.

Client Stiftung Seniorenzentrum Naters
Floor area 9900 m2
Construction volume 31 000 m3
Construction engineer Kissling + Zbinden AG
HLKKS-Planer Eicher + Pauli AG
Landscape architect Weber + Brönimann AG
Visualisations Dragon Image