Year 2014

Zurich Airport, Expansion of landside passenger areas

Principally, the expansion of the landside passenger areas pursues the 4 core aims of Zurich Airport’s future development:

Connection of the new construction project «The Circle» to the terminal building

Expansion of usable space and infrastructure of the Airport Center

Optimization of pedestrian connections and capacities

Upgrade of the «public transportation» hub and surroundings

Starting with an envisaged overall concept, the proposed solution is divided into four independent main phases pursuant of the core aims. The modular structure allows for temporal and needs-based implementation while maintaining normal operations as much as possible. In addition, each phase expands the existing infrastructure while at the same time creating new and attractive usable space, which contributes to a balanced investment-return ratio.

Contact person Alain Krattinger
Client Flughafen Zürich AG
Architect Itten+Brechbühl AG
Study commission with pre-qualification 2013-2014
Floor area 48 217 m2
Construction volume 169 256 m3